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If you have just purchased a ship, or a fleet of them, congratulations! However, the process doesn’t end there. You need to ensure that your ship is well-maintained, so that it can keep its good condition. This is an essential part of owning ships, as you would like to ensure that you can make a profit from selling them after you are done using them. 

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Ships are complex machineries. They have machineries that come in all sizes ranging from small to big. These machineries require detailed maintenance and upkeep, especially if you want them to last long. 

In order to ensure that these ships can last long, they should undergo planned maintenance every now and then. Planned maintenance is needed for several reasons. These reasons include, the protection of ship-value, enhancement of ship’s life, to avoid sudden accidents or emergencies, and to ensure that repair expenses can be minimized. 

If you feel overwhelmed, do not worry as there are services that exist that will facilitate you during the process. There are companies that offer professional maintenance-services, and ship-protection insurances. 

There are three types of ship maintenance procedures. These procedures can be carried out by engineers at the port or on the ship. Here are the three main types of ship maintenance procedures. 

Condition maintenance 

This type of maintenance mainly relates to the maintenance taken to ensure the conditions of the machinery is in tip top shape. Parts of the machine should be constantly checked to determine if these machinery has any errors or defects that might not be visible to the naked eye. Any problems identified should be rectified immediately, so that other tasks can be carried out smoothly. 

There are instruments and tools such as powerful sensors that can determine the faults present in the machinery. After that, the engineers should detail the issues, and the means taken to correct them, in an inspection-report. 

Corrective maintenance 

Corrective maintenance is carried out to ensure that sudden emergencies that occur can be prevented. The way this is achieved is through constant checking of the machines till it is forced to break down. This allows investors, buyers, captains and engineers to prepare for any issues that might occur when they are on sea. They can follow the procedures stipulated accordingly, because they have been based on simulations of machine break down. 

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Scheduled maintenance

Scheduled maintenance, also known as preventative maintenance, described its purpose. It is carried out as a precaution measure, and to prepare the crew for any issues that might arise. This means that certain parts of the ship should be changed, even if no issues are currently present. Preventative maintenance allows the engineers to forecast the possible faults that may arise in the machinery. Instead of taking any chance, the engineers insist on changing the parts for newer parts. 

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