PP-R fittings

Owning a home is a dream shared by nearly everyone. The price is not inexpensive, and the time required to realize the dream is lengthy. Consequently, you must pay close attention to the materials used to construct the house, whether it is brand-new or undergoing renovation. Ensure that everything is of high quality for the house’s longevity.

At least be familiar with the essential building materials listed below!


  1. Cement

Cement is used to bind the bricks together so that they can form a solid wall. Also used to adhere to ceramic floors is cement. For cement mixing, the proper ratio of water to cement is necessary for adhesion.

  1. Clay bricks

The initial construction material is red brick. The price is quite high compared to alternative materials such as brick, but its strength is beyond question. There are large and medium sizes so they can be adapted to the design of the house being constructed.

  1. Wood

As a house’s framework, wood remains a popular material. There are numerous types of wood that can be used to construct homes.

If you cannot find this wood, choose another wood with a moisture content of no more than 20%. Ensure, if necessary, that the wood has undergone the oven process so that it is resistant to weathering.

  1. Tile

The construction of a sturdy home will be incomplete without a tile roof to shield the inhabitants from the sun’s rays and rain. Generally speaking, tiles are made of clay. This building material is extremely durable and resistant to weather-related decay, so it will not require replacement for the next decade or more.

  1. Sand

Sand construction material is used to mix cement. Good sand typically has a sharp grain shape, as it is more suitable for brick or foundation adhesive mixtures. Try to clench the sand as you collect it. If it clumps, then the sand’s quality is poor. Also, avoid selecting sand containing more than 5 percent silt.

  1. Triplex

Typically, a house’s ceiling or ceiling is covered with plywood. Thus, the ceiling appears cleaner, the cables are disorganized, and the roof frame is concealed. This ceiling’s plywood can also be embellished with beautiful paint or carvings.

  1. Pipe

To transport water to all areas of the house, pipes are required as building materials. For instance, in the bathroom, kitchen, and garden shed. Here you can buy plumbing fixtures: PP-R fittings.

  1. Paint

The next material is paint, which contributes to the final appearance of the interior and exterior of the house. There are a variety of color options for paint, allowing you to choose according to your preferences.

  1. Ceramics

The floor surface is coated with ceramic building materials. Sometimes used as a kitchen backsplash material.

  1. Concrete iron

As a house’s framework, iron concrete is used as a building material. This concrete iron ranges in size from 10 mm to 12 m. There are three varieties: plain, threaded, and canal-shaped. This iron and concrete frame is then filled with a cement and sand mixture.