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Dear Young People, Don’t Waste Your Time

Nowadays, social media and people, particularly generation Z, appear to be inseparable. If we take our smartphone and open YouTube, we can see the young generation’s takeover in funny, entertaining videos. If we go on Instagram, we can see young women and men creating content that is mostly focused on viral and trendy issues, but the content rarely has a meaningful impact on society.

 In Malaysia, we see how well the young generation converts their content creation into money, but the impact does not last in the long run, both for their future professional careers and the development of a bright society. In this article, we wish that the younger generation could do something more meaningful and push their limits in order to reach their full potential. You don’t need to ask how to be a doctor in Malaysia after SPM in order to reach your full potential. Create your own meaningful dream. Let’s read this article.

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1) Pursuing a higher education


Young people have a lot of potential, are generally in good health, and still have a long way to go before they can compete with their peers for jobs and foster wisdom and intelligence. After finishing school, they should never stop learning and gaining knowledge. Continued study at a higher level is one way to foster an interest in the love of knowledge. If you are an academic, universities and colleges are usually higher education institutions that will suit your needs. Technical universities and vocational colleges are typically higher education institutions that suit your passion if you like to explore knowledge through hands-on experience and practicality.

2) Participation in online courses


Learning is not limited to the formal education provided at universities or colleges. Participating in online courses in areas like foreign language learning, video editing, marketing and sales, writing, and other topics can help you learn more and expand your mind. The skills you gain after completing the online courses can help you develop your talents. At the same time, in addition to expanding your knowledge, developing talents, and broadening your thinking horizons, the skills you learn in the online course can help you stand out to potential employers.

3) Volunteering


Youth is the ideal time to begin doing something meaningful in your life and the lives of others. Volunteering is one of the appropriate programmes for you to join. When you participate in a volunteering programme, you will learn about real life through experiences that occur in front of your own eyes or in the community, you will cultivate empathy and sympathy for the community, you will foster team spirit, and you will form an attitude that wants to do something that is very meaningful to yourself and others around you.

4) Choosing a career that will provide you with abundant long-term benefits.



When it comes to making plans for their lives, young people should always be ambitious and rational visionaries. To find a career that will meet the Ikigai criteria and benefit your long-term career development, look for those qualities.



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Top 4 offshore drilling platforms: introduction and functions

The most basic function of any shipping agency Malaysia provides is to transport goods from one place to another with proper treatments maintaining the item’s optimal conditions. Besides other ordinary goods that support daily needs, shipping agency Malaysia also has to transport other more implicit life-sustaining goods like oils, gases, or other marine resources. Most of these marine resources are exploited or mined from offshore platforms  

Drilling Barges

rig257b - Top 4 offshore drilling platforms: introduction and functions

Commonly used for shallow water drilling, drilling barges are normally built in areas such as lakes, swamps, rivers, and canals. they are gigantic floating platforms towed by tugboats to move from one place to another. Due to this mobilisation drilling barges are not suitable for stormy or rough sea areas as they could easily be dragged away and flipped over by the waves. 

Jackup platforms

rkb03082020web1 - Top 4 offshore drilling platforms: introduction and functions

Similar to drilling barges, Jackup platforms are also movable with tugboats towing the platforms from one place to another. However, when the jack-up rig entered the drilling site, it could fix itself with a set of three or four legs equipped on its body. These legs will slowly lower down until they touch the sea bed. Nonetheless, this also added to the reasons why this platform is only suitable for shallow water as it is impractical to extend these legs deep down the ocean. The maximum operation for this kind of offshore platform is 500 feet in depth. Additionally, since these jack up platforms are secured with mechanical legs, they are safer for people to operate than drilling barges. 

Semi-submersible platforms

03A · Caralb · Offshore Platforms · Semi sumersible platform Rig 800x515 1 - Top 4 offshore drilling platforms: introduction and functions

This is a rather special platform as it is an offshore oil rig that consists of a drill unit that is made up of columns and pontoons that when flooded with water will make the pontoons submerge to a predetermined depth. This is the most popular type of offshore platform as they have both the advantages of submersible rigs with the power to drill in deep water. Semi-submersible platforms shared the same working principles as submersible rigs with the “inflating” and “deflating” of the platform’s lower hull. This allows the rig to be partially submerged, floating above the drill site, enhancing its stability by letting the water fill the lower hull. Rigs of this kind will normally be fixed by a set of huge anchors with each of them weighing up to 10 tons. This set of anchors will be accompanied by the submerged parts of the rigs to keep the platform stable for use in rough or stormy offshore conditions. 


Kanuni Ship 20201020 2 scaled - Top 4 offshore drilling platforms: introduction and functions

Just as the name indicates, drillships are designed for drilling missions as these ships will help carry the drilling platforms to the drilling sites, often deep-sea locations. This kind of ship has everything a normal large ocean ship should have. Only that they have a drilling platform located in the middle of the boat with a hole that runs across the ship to its hull, for the shrill string to extend through the boat, called a “moonpool”. Drillships could operate in very deep seas as they are equipped with a “dynamic positioning” system. Allows them to propel in any direction with the help of an electric motor that is integrated into the drillship’s computer that is connected to the satellite positioning technology in combination with sensors installed on the drilling template. 


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Types of Safety Alarms in the Market

You can find many types of safety alarms in the market. With so many different types of safety alarm products on the market today, selecting the right alarm system for your needs may leave you scratching your head and feeling overwhelmed. You certainly do not want to pass up the chance to instal the appropriate alarm system for your home, office building, school, healthcare facility, and so on. Alarm systems are undeniably important because they can detect potential dangers faster than human awareness. We have listed a few different types of alarm systems including the fire alarm system Malaysia that you can install in buildings in this article.

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Fire Alarm System

A fire alarm system is a safety system that can alert you to the presence of a fire. Offices, schools and kindergartens, hotels, factories, and public buildings are more likely to have a fire alarm system installed. If the fire alarm system is triggered, it can notify us of a fire or smoke detection. The alarm will emit a loud and high-pitched sound to warn people inside the building, allowing them to flee as soon as possible! Realpars defines fire alarm detectors as heat detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, multi-sensor detectors, and manual call points. Meanwhile, fire alarm systems are classified into four categories: conventional, addressable, intelligent, and wireless.

The main reason you need fire alarm monitoring services is for professionals to keep an eye on your property during a fire outbreak and to take immediate action. Fire alarm monitoring is an excellent way to ensure that your home and business are safe from threats such as fire, especially when they are left unattended. If a fire breaks out at night when the house is empty or when the homeowners are away on vacation, no one will know about it until the damage is done. Because dedicated experts are monitoring your property 24 hours a day, seven days a week, fire alarm monitoring ensures that no alarm goes unheard or unattended and that immediate action is taken.


Burglary Alarm System


A burglary alarm system is intended to warn and notify you of any suspicious intrusion movement within a specific area. This system can assist in preventing burglars from breaking into your home and carrying out their plan to steal your wealth or asset. A burglary system is typically installed in houses, private buildings, or buildings that become wealth placements, as these are more likely to be the targets of the burglar.

A burglar alarm system is made up of a number of electrical components, including motion detectors, window sensors, and door sensors. When the alarm’s circuitry fails, these devices detect movement and are triggered. A reed switch and a magnet, for example, make up a window sensor. A closed circuit is formed when these two components are in close proximity to each other. When one of these devices moves, the circuit is disrupted, and an audible alarm is emitted.


SCA Malaysia the reliable distributor of the fire alarm system


SCA Malaysia, also known as Source Code Asia Sdn. Bhd., is a dependable distributor of safety system products from a variety of international brands. SCA Malaysia is the place to go if you want to install the Paradox alarm system! You may have a look at its official website to discover more about the safety systems that are offered by SCA Malaysia. SCA Malaysia too has the fire alarm system!


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Looking for insurance plans for young adults Malaysia? AmMetLife 

There are many types of insurance in the world and many offers that will be at insurance companies. Just need to looking for insurance plans for young adults Malaysia. This is one of the insurance plans that really gives good things for young adults. It was really recommended for them to looking for insurance plans for young adults Malaysia. There are many benefits that you can get from this insurance plan for your future. 


Just need to be smart to choose which insurance companies that you will trust. There are many companies that usually offer the same insurance plans but at different prices. That is the reason why you still need to choose which insurance company that you can trust for these plans. AmMetLife is the one insurance that is the top choice for Malaysian people too because it has really affordable plans. Insurance also has a different offer that you need to pay more if you want some package. 


It’s also important to know about it. Insurance is important for people and it was really worth it for you to buy it. When there is any insurance offering that you can afford, it will be nice for you to buy that insurance. In the future if anything happens you can claim the insurance. Insurance is the place that you invest for yourself in the future that you can use the money for. The insurance company can help you, if you have a big problem in the future that you run out of money. They will pay for anything that is related to you to claim the insurance from them. 

Thing that you need to consider before buy an insurance 

Buy for maintain your life standard 

When you buy the insurance just buy the basic insurance to fullest your life standard. The most important thing about your income is it is enough for you to pay the insurance and at the same time for you. If the plan is not for you, try to find an affordable offer. So when you have insurance make sure you can pay it monthly with your income. 

This thing you need to think thoroughly because it can affect your daily life. Your finances are important for you to think, like I talked before this, insurance had different classes. If you think the higher class is suitable for your life, you can get it but if you cannot afford just buy the one that you can. It will be just to maintain your life and be your protection in  future. 

Knowing about policy doesn’t cover what

In some policies they will have certain things that they will not cover if the person has insurance. So better for you to know about that for you not doing the thing that affects your insurance. There are many things that insurance companies will not cover for you. Like if you had an accident because of alcohol they will not pay for the treatment because it was in the rules. So they cannot pay for the treatment because they already ask the person to read the policy.

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Three Parts Of Fitness That Have To Do With Health

Bidang perubatan – The three fitness elements all have a role in overall fitness and serve as guidelines for improving one’s fitness levels. Physical activity has obvious benefits, which you are well aware of. The key is to define fitness accurately and know how to get there.


The five facets of fitness are intended to address this issue. The ACSM’s physical activity guidelines serve as a useful resource for planning and carrying out a healthy and extensive exercise program, as they were based on these principles. 1 If you want to maximize the health advantages of your workout, it’s important to design a program that includes all of these components.

Endurance On Cardiovascular

The ability of your body to efficiently and effectively take in oxygen and supply it to your body’s tissues through the heart, lungs, arteries, vessels, and veins is known as cardiovascular endurance (cardiorespiratory endurance or aerobic fitness). Regularly working your heart and lungs out through challenging exercise can help you:


  • Ensure or enhance your body’s systems’ ability to take in and use oxygen effectively.
  • Boost metabolic activity in cells.
  • Help you deal with the physical challenges of daily life


Starting a workout regimen that improves cardiovascular fitness is especially crucial given that heart disease is responsible for about 630,000 annual fatalities in the United States. Several types of exercise, including running, walking, cycling, swimming, dancing, circuit training, and boxing, have been linked to positive effects on heart health.

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Endurance On Muscular

Overall muscle health is influenced by two aspects, one of which is muscular endurance (muscular strength is the other). Muscle endurance can be thought of as a muscle group’s capacity to contract repeatedly in the face of a constant stimulus.

One illustrative activity is long-distance riding. Cyclists need strong leg and glute muscles to ride their bikes over long distances, frequently up steep inclines. These feats attest to an individual’s exceptional capacity for enduring muscular stress.

Also, doing isometric exercises like holding a plank to strengthen your core is a great way to build your muscle endurance. Hip, abdominal, and shoulder endurance increase in direct proportion to one another as one’s ability to hold a static abdominal contraction increases.

Muscular endurance training intensity should be proportional to the desired health or fitness outcomes. Realizing that muscular endurance varies depending on the muscle group training for it is crucial.


Definition of Flexibility – the ability to move freely around a joint. 10 Similar to physical strength and endurance, flexibility is joint-specific. To provide just one example, you can have wonderfully mobile shoulders yet stiff hamstrings and hips.

Being adaptable is crucial at any age. It has an effect on your ability to move around without hindrance and may also influence your equilibrium, coordination, and agility. Keeping your primary joints mobile helps you avoid injuries and perform better in sports.

Being adaptable is increasingly valuable as you age. Protecting your joints and keeping your mobility up can help you stay active far into your senior years, even though you can’t halt the inevitable march of time.