Using an Educational Website in the Course of Basic Concepts of Mathematics  


Human atheists live through the 20th-century revolution in information technology, which software is most important and the World Wide Web network. The Internet has penetrated every aspect of life, including educational and scientific research processes and ready software in various branches of mathematics; this software is bound to be a part of teaching mathematics methods in education. E-learning as a creative way of presenting an interactive environment around students and pre-designed perfect so that anyone, anywhere, anytime access, using the Internet features and resources and digital compatibility technology with instructional design principles to suit the learning environment openly and flexibly a computer training program is a type of learning that connects to students remotely. In this short article, we have discussed how educational websites can help students to easily understand the basic concepts of Mathematics and where one can find the best web design service in Penang, Malaysia. 

Various electronic media such as the Internet or computers or satellite or laser CDs to facilitate the teaching and learning process, including student interaction with the teacher, A lot of practice and practice is needed to master mathematics and skills and understand concepts, and the relationship between these skills and concepts, therefore the availability of adequate training opportunities, enables students to learn mathematics. Students are paired with problem-solving and then gradually move on to the most difficult problems after mastering previous learning that needs to be solved, and therefore their fear of Mathematics and their insecurity in learning ability gradually disappears. What is the effect of interaction between gender and teaching methods on academic achievement among students taking master’s courses at Universiti Putra Malaysia on key concepts related to mathematics?

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The following hypotheses arise from this question: At University Putra Malaysia, there is no statistically significant difference (α5 0.05) in the collection of undergraduate students in the process of basic concepts in mathematics, which is related to the interaction between teaching methods and the gender of the student. It can be seen from Table (3) that there is no statistically significant difference in the collection of undergraduate students of the course due to the interaction between teaching and gender averages in the concept of basic mathematical differences, reaching the calculated statistical value of (0.07) and value. These results are due to opportunities for gender and are the same as those given in this study and are subject to the same conditions and variables, add this to teaching methods that focus on the development of students’ skills and different skills, regardless of gender, it can increase academic achievement. The use of teaching methods is to use the internet for university teaching in mathematics and other detective schools. –

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