4 Surprising Habits That Are Causing Your Breakouts

We always find a reason to blame our breakouts on – be it the weather, stress or skincare products!

But did you ever look in the mirror and think for a second that it could be YOU who is causing all your breakouts? Shocking, we know!

Here are 4 surprising habits that could be causing your breakouts.


1. Cell Phones

Are you breaking out on your cheeks? Your much loved, precious cell phone could be the cause!

You know the rule. Never touch your face with your hands. But did you know that the rule also applies to cell phones? Well, sometimes it can’t be helped because you certainly can’t be holding your phone away from your face and look like a lunatic screaming into it.

SOLUTION: That doesn’t mean that you should stop all communication with the world! All you need to do is to clean your phone regularly. Just wipe your phone religiously once a week with facial wipes, such as SIMPLE’s Cleansing Facial Wipes, which you can use for your face too!

2. Bed Linens & Pillowcases

We don’t want to sound like your mum but honestly, when was the last time you changed your sheets? And, we are referring to BOTH bed linens and pillowcases. Your sheets could be a breeding ground for bacteria which will end up on your skin while you are sleeping. Worse, it’s combined with sweat, oil and residue from your hair, especially if you use hair products.

SOLUTION: We hate to say mum was right, but change your sheets at least once a week and bid those germs and bacteria farewell!


3. Makeup Brushes

When purchasing makeup products, you diligently do your homework, checking the labels, ensuring the ingredients suit your skin type. But after applying it on, you still have breakouts!

Maybe it’s time to focus on the applicators instead of the products, i.e. your makeup brushes. You use makeup brushes everyday but how often do you actually clean them? Makeup brushes require proper care and cleansing. Dirty makeup brushes make the perfect environment for bacteria to grow.Human Nature All Natural Spray Sanitizers - 4 Surprising Habits That Are Causing Your Breakouts

SOLUTION: Clean your makeup brushes at least once or twice a week and ensure you allocate enough time for them to dry completely and thoroughly before the next use.

If you’re really rushing for time or if you’re travelling, use Human Nature’s All Natural Spray Sanitizer which makes a great on-the-go makeup brush cleaner!

4. Hair Products

We know your hair is your crowning glory, and you go all out to make sure it looks perfect. You apply hair serum, hair mousse, hair spray and voila, you look like a million dollars! When hair product accidentally gets on your face, it causes clogged pores which results in you getting breakouts, a condition called pomade acne.
Human Nature Natural Clarifying Shampoo 1 - 4 Surprising Habits That Are Causing Your Breakouts

SOLUTION: When applying hair products, be extra careful not to get them onto your face. Also, ensure hair is properly cleansed every night before bed, so that the hair product does not get transferred to your pillow and get all over your face during your beauty sleep.

For deep cleansing, try Human Nature’s 100% Natural Clarifying Shampoo, a luxuriously foamy natural clarifying shampoo which provides deep cleansing for your scalp and tresses.


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