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When we talk about sex, there’s definitely a lot will go on someone’s mind, yet let’s not destroy that thoughts as this thoughts are all needed while someone is having sex. But, there might be people who want to make it more dirty?  Well, today is your lucky day, because other than wearing sexy satin pyjamas, we are going to talk about how to get dirty in bed. 

Introduce Props

Introducing props into your sex life is one way of getting you and your partner in the mood. The important thing here is to always make sure that your partner is comfortable with the props that you might want to introduce to them. Bringing props onto to your bed before having sex, is a great way of enhancing the quality of your foreplay as well. It would be a great idea if you could use those props while engaging in foreplay to make your partner feel more relaxed. I know it might sound like BDSM, but if you want to really get dirty, then BDSM shouldn’t be a problem.

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Type of props

  • Handcuffs
  • Faux leather mouth gag 
  • Whip flogger for spanking purpose
  • Sexy lingerie
  • Blindfold mask
  • Bondage restraint for ankle and hand
  • Sex inflatable pillow

Types of sex toys that can be included during sex

Dirty Talk

Engaging in dirty talks are able to help boost the mode even more while someone is having sex. Dirty talk will always sound a bit vulgar and also a bit uncomfortable if you are not comfortable with it. This is why it is always important to communicate as this will ensure the longevity of your relationship with your partner. 

In addition, dirty talk is not always about us satisfying our partner, it is about us as well. Talking dirty is one way of letting out whatever that you want while with your partner. Moreover, this dirty talk will also enhance the sex fantasy that both of the couple might be longing for, while narrating about the scenario while having sex, by the time they realize it, they have all recreate their own version of fifty shades of grey.

Provoking Your Partner Sexually

Provoking or teasing is another way to make your partner be on fire. One of the way to tease your partner in order to have an dirty sex on your bed is to by provoking them before even getting to the bed. Like, kissing passionately or randomly caressing each others body part to generate the steamy sensation for you guys to engage in sex, is another way in ensuring both of you to get dirty on bed. With that said, there are many ways in provoking your partner in a sexual way, but remember to not over do it. Especially, do not force them into it, if they’re not feeling comfortable with it.

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