As housing lawyers, we may advise you to pay particular attention to the plumbing and electrical systems of the apartment, as well as the downspouts and pipes that lead to these systems, while inspecting the property. If you own a condominium, you may also wish to have a separate electrical report made, since there have been instances when faulty electrical installations have caused problems. 

Since a bonus, check to see whether the condominium has any unlawfully submerged ceilings, as there may be more stuff hidden under them that you don’t want to be revealed later. In addition, keep an eye out for low-voltage particular areas that may get very hot and flammable as a result.

The Most Perfect Place to Call Home

You should not only look at the apartment itself, but also at the roof, the ceiling, the basement, and the windows of the building as a whole to determine whether or not it is safe. As the owner of an owner-occupied flat, you are equally and severally accountable for the maintenance of the primary property as well as the care of the owners’ association, which is why you should get legal advice before moving in. In this case, a Serdang condominium would be appropriate.

Finally, it’s a good idea to check to verify whether the apartment is lawfully furnished and inhabited before entering into any formal agreements. It’s possible that an unauthorized restroom was the source of the problem. You may validate this by reviewing the BBR record as well as the technical administration of the local municipality.

The rules and regulations of the homeowners’ association should be reviewed.

A condominium is the purchase of a membership in a community that shares obligations such as property care, stair cleaning, and repairs, among other things. Therefore, as housing lawyers, we recommend that you closely examine the articles of association and minutes of general meetings held by the owners’ association.  Serdang32 - Knowing Yourself is Essential for Making an Informed Decision about Your Serdang Condo for Rent

In what state does the homeowners’ association’s financial status now stand?

To what degree are you liable for the monies that you have borrowed from others?

A new roof or other major repairs to the building’s common spaces are being considered, for example. As a result, long-term expenses may be far more than first projected.

  • What is the maximum number of pets allowed in the apartment?
  • Is it possible for you to sublet your property in the near future?

Is there a set of obligations in which you are required to engage at all times? Garden parties, for example, are a common occurrence.

What are the benefits of acquiring a condominium in Malaysia? What are the disadvantages?

The Malaysian housing business is unusual in that it charges high prices and allows for short-term leases. As a consequence, based on our previous experience as real estate lawyers, a property transaction may seem rushed to you as a buyer. Before proceeding, you should, however, be aware of a few important issues. Keep an eye on the status of the property, whether or not there are any illegal installations on the land, and the finances of the owners’ association. A home sale is a wise investment, and you should be well informed about the property you are acquiring before making a mistake you may later come to regret.