MLM Products And What They Do

MLM products are notorious for getting a lot of hate. Many mlm software development company are looking to expand their business more. Nevertheless, we admit there are some good MLM brands out there and they aren’t going anywhere for the time being. These pyramid schemes are not only good in getting people to join their organisation but they are also good in getting people to buy their products. Some of the best MLMs have gathered billions in revenue and they don’t plan on stopping there. So here is our list of MLMs products we encourage you to buy.

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The first is AmWay. Amway is one of the most profitable MLM companies. Under their umbrella, they have a whole group of brands such as Nutrilite, Artistry, eSpring, iCook and a lot more. The brand usually brings forth products used for day-to-day use. Those who shop there will be presented with a membership card which they use to collect points. These points can be used later on to redeem products within the Amway group. Unlike most other MLM, Amway has their brick and mortar stores which make them seem less of an mlm and more of a franchise of some sort. They also promote other products such as beauty products, energy, home care and even nutrition to their customers. Although amway was made in the states, they have a very big following in Malaysia.

The next is the seemingly innocent Tupperware which stands for $2.21 billion. You might wonder, how much of an MLM Tupperware can become? Turns out it’s one of the top 10 MLM brands in the world. We’re all guilty of going to these stores to get out water bottles or even our food containers. Tupperware is a staple name in each and every household in the world and for that reason none of us can get rid of it. We even call the containers by the brand name Tupperware. The MLM began in 1948 and we admit that they have an affinity for making good food containers. They’re normally indestructible and affordable. There is also a cult like following among families for these brands as they have made an unconscious impact on households. When people think Tupperware, they think of quality.

The final brand is a well-known brand called Herbalife. If you have not heard of it, you are probably living under a rock. Herbal life took everyone by storm in the 2010’s promoting a healthier lifestyle. They allegedly stated that their shakes have all 7 categories of food in one shake and that it allows for one to keep themselves full till the next meal. Some even used Herbalife shakes and refused it for weight loss. But wait there’s more. Herbalife shakes come in 5 different containers with each costing RM200. So you’re paying a premium for each container and it’s just for a shake that you can make with protein powder. This shake apparently did allow for some to lose weight and we’ll say give it a go if you’re desperate.

We hope you take note of the products we just shared and have a great time researching them yourself. MLMs are a big industry and we hope you can get something out of it.

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