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For instance, COVID-19 and the development of digital technology have raised doubts about the changes affecting industry. For a company to become more competitive and experience sustainable growth in such an environment, it is essential to build a business infrastructure platform that anticipates swift cloud-based reactions to substantial changes in the business. Because of this, the development of a corporation or firm depends greatly on the enterprise resource planning system, or ERP System.


System Analysis Program Development, also known as SAP, was created to lessen the operational load of information technology and to increase the efficiency and usefulness of the services provided. There are various different kinds of SAP consultants, like sap s/4hana migration malaysia, if you search the internet. I’ll give a brief explanation of a few sorts of SAP consultants in this article that you can use for your company:


  • Developer Consultants

They will be in charge of writing ABAP/Java programmes as a developer consultant. They perform numerous diagnostic tests on both new and existing applications to ascertain that they adhere to the necessary standards and specifications. They also provide technical support to end users who are experiencing system issues. Strong communication and technical skills are essential for a SAP developer, especially when evaluating features for intuitive operation and navigation.


The typical duties of a developer consultant for any SAP firm are as follows:

  • Add a selection field to reports, a field to the output layout, and an area menu, among other small adjustments.
  • Arrange knowledge-transfer sessions using a teleconference setup and a virtual classroom for the project finance team.
  • Gather and evaluate the information needed to replicate ECC content in HANA via data provisioning.

In essence, such consultants have a lot more duties than just that. It depends on the business they work for and the employers they will have.


  • Functional Consultants for SAP

Understanding business requirements and transforming them into a SAP “Business Process” are the responsibilities of a SAP Function consultant. Numerous transaction codes are included by a functional consultant into a logic that encompasses all business processes.

You should be aware of the following duties of a SAP Functional Consultant:

  • Offer the client access to outside expertise. Manpower is not as crucial as intelligence, process understanding, a sense of defects, and fundamental common sense.
  • Modifying the relevant business area and making sure the system reacts in line with the limitations of the desired use case.
  • They make sure the system is functional, that it can be used, that it is running smoothly, and that the business flow is complete and accurate.
  • Technical Consultants for SAP

SAP Basis consultants are another name for technical SAP consultants. These individuals will help with the setup, upkeep, and performance enhancement of SAP servers and databases. One of the responsibilities of a SAP technical consultant is to offer recommendations and experience with software deployment and integration. In addition, they will be in charge of maintaining awareness of the most recent SAP developments, offers, and trends. They will also be accountable for ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

These are some of the things they’ll do:

  • Come up with a time management module solution.
  • Convert customer and internal specifications for EDI application interfaces and mapping updates and additions into another language.
  • Complete system integration testing and assistance following deployment.

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