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A researcher needs a laboratory like a teacher needs students. One cannot be without the other. Researchers need labs to conduct their experiments in a controlled environment. A controlled environment is an area that is free from any potential risk that could affect the results of the test in any way. For instance, if a test on cells were conducted, any changes in humidity and temperature could detrimentally affect the outcome of the results. It might sound silly, but that is the reality of experiments like these. Therefore, to avoid any issues, a laboratory should have three main aspects. 

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These three aspects include equipment, furniture and safety protocols. Although they may not seem as much when you think about them as separate aspects, they can be a lot when they are combined. Laboratories need to be in tip top shape if they intend to bring in more users. If a lab fails to uphold the standards that other labs have, they may fall back in terms of users. Once this happens, it will be rendered useless, and the lab will either have to be sold or renovated. So, these are the three aspects of a lab that need to be at a very high quality. 


Depending on the type of experiments conducted, you need top-equipment for your laboratory. Equipment can range from small to big, from old to new, and from cheap to expensive. A lab is filled with all types of equipment, as they need to be used by the researchers there. Equipment also changes every few years. The innovations that are introduced for scientific uses are upgraded every other year. Technology in science is advancing at such an exponential rate that it can be hard to keep up sometimes. Therefore, labs should be equipped with the latest and the right form of equipment so that they can be used for new and upcoming research projects. 

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Next, labs also need specific furniture tailored for their needs. There are certain furniture such as lab benches, and lab cabinets that need to be installed in labs for the user’s convenience. Lab benches are for users to conduct their experiments on. These experiments can be conducted on a wide and smooth surface. They also have drawers at the end of the lab benched to allow users to store their belongings securely. Lab cabinets on the other hand, are used to store the equipment. As mentioned before, equipment comes in different sizes, and these cabinets are built for them specifically. They can be stored in this area safely and securely. Need some lab furniture? Check out laboratory furniture malaysia for more. 

Safety protocols

Lastly, labs also need safety protocols. These protocols should be installed for the safety of the users. If there is any emergency, these safety protocols can save lives. It also prevents any other incidents from becoming worse. These safety protocols include emergency showers and stations. Emergency showers are placed in case of unplanned chemical exposure. If these chemicals were to come in contact with a human, it may harm them. The emergency shower sprays high-pressured water onto the person, and tries to remove any residue possible.