What Are Pipe Hangers Used For?

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Pipe hangers in Malaysia are often utilised to provide support for a pipe system’s hanging pipes. The majority of issues arise when installing a large pipe system in a confined environment. The ideal solution for this issue is to support the piping system using pipe hangers. Pipe hangers come in a variety of styles, including band hangers, clevis hangers, spring hangers, and roller hangers. Clevis hangers are the most effective of all because they correctly support the pipe system and prevent it from breaking.


Hanger for Clevis


A clevis hanger is characterised by a swivel yoke at the top that is supported by an adjustable vertical rod. It features two V-shaped clevises and one U-shaped clevise. The V-shaped clevis is affixed to the ceiling, and the U-shaped clevis secures the pipe in place. When massive pipe systems need to be repaired, they need greater support yet do not have extra room. In such cases, Clevis hangers are employed to provide enough support. Because of the cheap cost and robustness of the hangers, it is ideally suited for large projects.

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When Should You Use a Clevis Hanger?


Although Clevis hangers are often used to hold sloping pipes, they may also be utilised for any DIY project that needs additional support. The first thing to remember when choosing a pipe hanger is to get the correct size hangers for the pipe system. Choose the size that corresponds to the pipe’s outside diameter. When determining the number of hangers, bear in mind the basic guideline of one hanger every two feet for short pipes and one hanger per foot for larger pipes. Depending on the needs of the project, you may use more or fewer hangers.


The next step is to choose the metal rods for hanger installation. Keep the size of the hanger in mind while selecting the rod. Choose a rod that will readily fit into the hole of the hanger’s U-shaped clevis. When selecting metal rods, keep the space between the pipe and the ceiling in mind. Choose two adequately sized nuts per rod to effectively lock the hangers.


The last step is to use available materials to install the clevis pipe hanger into the system. To attach the hangers, use an electric drill machine. The hangers prevent the pipes from moving horizontally, although most hangers allow some vertical movement without removing the pipe. Simply adjust the bolts around the V-shaped clevis to change the vertical positioning. Clevis hangers are ideal for sloping surfaces because they enable for the vertical location of hangers to be adjusted.

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With such advantages and applications, clevis pipe hangers are ideal for heavy and large pipe systems. It is preferable to choose the hanger depending on the pipe system. Use hangers that can provide the optimum support for the pipe systems.


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