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New graduates are having a tough time finding jobs that are in line of their education. Job hunting is a challenge to new graduates but once you know what they’re looking for, you can glide through to your job with ease. There are some jobs that are more in demand than others at the moment. Engineering is a popular job that might never go out of style and will always be in demand. Accounting is also an excellent job that might get you a foot in finance companies. Despite the many years looming over new graduates, here are some jobs that are in demand and will always stay trending.

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For the mathematical prodigy, accounting firms are looking for you. Accounting has been in demand ever since money has been alive. Accountants have always been the gatekeeper of money. They are usually placed in the higher hierarchy of any companies due to their trust in handling the finance. Accountants also have to go through several qualifications to get to their jobs such as ACCA. Scour through any job-hunting portal and accounting is available and in demand in literally every firm and SME businesses. Since the job handles the finances of the company, accountants have a decent pay than many other jobs in the entry level. Accountants have also the trust of the companies placed on them, so they usually have a lot of ethics to live by.   

Next is social media marketing executive. Social media is now a big part of out lives. Employers look for the interns from the best social media companies Malaysia to recruit. Social media marketing is a big part of many marketing strategies of companies. They use SEO or known as Search Engine Optimisation to boost their company to the public eye. Mass Communication students have found their holy grail as Social Media has boosted their job opportunity. Rather than look for a Public Relations employee, employers now seek for social media marketing employees to help their company. Some even pay their employees to market their products if they have a large following. This allows for them to be seen by thousands of potential customers.

Finally, the job most in demand is engineering. Engineering is an age-old profession, where the engineers look for ways to modify or create a tool. The creation of engineering as a profession has allowed us humans to enjoy comfort in our life. Engineers such as Nikola Tesla who brought us alternative current which allows us to operate the way we do. There are also other engineers such as the Wright Brothers who made flying possible after countless trials by their predecessors. Something as simple as a potato chip was also made by engineers or biochemical engineers. The chairs made today are also made by engineers and the need for an engineer has not decreased over the years. It’s an excellent job for people who would like to create or invent.

Finally, although jobs are lesser in this recession, we hope you can find the dream job that is best suited for you. You can take these tips to even mould your future jobs so the demand for it remains at its highest. Get a degree that is worth your time and job so that you can pursue the career that you enjoy in the long term. 

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