Learn about the Symptoms of a Liver Cyst

A person will not right away know if he has a liver cyst. This is because when the cyst is still too small, it will not cause any symptoms. However, as it grows, it will start to produce discomforts. Thus, when this happens, one is advised to see his doctor so he will be instructed on what to do or find Medicine for fatty liver in Malaysia.


Symptoms of a liver cyst:

1. Protruding stomach
2. Bloating and fullness
3. Pain in the upper right part of the abdomen
4. Heartburn
5. Nausea and vomiting
6. Shoulder pain

Note that these mentioned symptoms can also be caused by other conditions. This is why it is best to see your doctor once you experience most of them. Though it will really happen, most of the times, a liver cyst will not multiply or cause any discomforts.

Usually, liver cysts are not cancerous though 5% of these are cystic tumors. Your doctor should know though if the cyst is suspicious. But note that most of them are just benign as they are just filled with water.
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Your liver is the biggest organ in your body, thus it is best to take good care of it


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