Miacare Acne Patch Review

Why did they not discover acne patches earlier?!!! WHYYY?!!

I could’ve gone through a blissful and happy teenage life completely pimple-free, and not having to panic when it’s photo day and a huge zit has just popped up overnight.

What Are Acne Patches?

Acne patches are essentially made from hydrocolloid dressing. Hydrocolloid dressings are commonly used in hospitals as adhesive gels to promote wound healing by absorbing pus and decreasing swelling.

What Is Miacare Acne Patch & How Does It Work?

Miacare Acne Patch is an invisible patch that absorbs pus for lightning-quick healing of pimples, and works best with pimples with “heads” (i.e. pus). It also provides a protective layer to avoid bacterial infection of your pimple.


When you get pimples, you don’t really want to poke / pick / burst it; otherwise, you’ll suffer from acne scars. How I wish I knew of the existence of this back when puberty hit. I will now have to live with the battle scars of raging acne forever (or until I decide to undergo laser surgery in Korea? :P)

Now, if you are of those people where your pimples stay deep in there for a long, long time, I personally feel that this product helps to draw the pus closer to the surface, although nothing comes out on the patch. It is really satisfying when you peel off the acne patch to see a whole load of gunk stuck in the patch — trust me on this.

Initially, I was disappointed when I saw nothing on my acne patch for one of my “deep buried” pimples but I felt that it “cooked” faster than usually. I will give the credit for Miacare Acne Patch for doing that as I didn’t do anything differently to my regime.

But What If I Just HAVE To Pop Them?

If you are one of those who just get some unexplainable satisfaction from picking at your pimples (like yours truly), this product is still for you!

I popped this pimple that was already “ripe” and slapped on Miacare Acne Patch. I find that it reduces the swelling and redness much quicker than usual. It also helped to absorb the remnants of the pus that did not come out in the initial popping and seals the wound and prevents the spread of bacteria. The wound was flat the next morning and looked quite faded. Awesome!!

How Do I Use An Acne Patch?

All you have to do is to put the patch onto your acne, gently press it in and you’re done!

Here’s a more comprehensive guide, which can be found on the pack itself.


The Acne Patch that I tried was for Day use.

Since the Day patch is very thin and quite unnoticeable, it can be worn under makeup. You can see that the patch is quite invisible against the skin, and can be easily hidden with some concealer.


Nobody commented but personally, I was still very conscious wearing it out during the day, so I would probably only wear it at home.

Miacare also has acne patch for night which has a thicker hydrocolloid dressing (so more absorption), but is less transparent.

My Verdict?

This product gets full marks from me! It really does what it claims to do and seeing the results are very satisfactory. I have stocked up on a few packs already and I recommend that you should too!


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